Are You Facing The Problem of Disable Facebook Account? Fix It Here

Facebook has become quite popular with the advent of amazing features that keep getting added time to time. Since the launch of Facebook social media podium in 2006, it  has gone through the several upgrades that helped in gaining the attention of your audience. With advancement in technology, users have started accessing Facebook through an App installed on the Smartphone device.

With consistent changes in terms and conditions of Facebook, users have been facing issues related to FB account getting disabled all of the sudden. As they access Facebook using login details, sign in errors come across that prove to be quite troublesome.

Users generally make several attempts to login into social media account, but actually end getting Facebook account disabled. If you are the one, who is facing the same kind of problem, then do not worry as there are several reasons behind this. Some of them are as follows:

       ->Facebook sign-in attempt with wrong login credentials

       ->Someone attempted to hack the Facebook account from an unknown location

       ->Server not responding

       ->Obsolete Facebook App installed on the device

       ->Device OS not compatible with Facebook App

       ->Malicious activities conducted by users

      ->Too many friends request sent to unknown people

      ->Attempts made to attach files having invalid extensions like .zip or .exe

As Facebook users in mainstream, completely lack technical skills and expertise, they have no idea how to enable the disabled FB account. They cannot even call Facebook customer support phone number to get issues fixed at the earliestas no official helpline number is launched by FB for the convenience of users to get immediate assistance from the certified professionals.  

But nothing to worry as the steps to enable disabled Facebook account are being enumerated below. Just follow the same and get your social media account enabled in minutes

     ->Access Facebook account using login credentials,

     ->Once done, facebook disable message appears on the screen.

     ->Press the continue button to activate the disabled FB account

     ->Upon doing this, you are asked to select 5 trusted friends to which Facebook will be sending verification code.

      ->As you do the same, the verification code is sent to all those friends you selected to receive verification code.

     ->Contact them and fetch codes sent to them by Facebook.

     ->Enter the codes corresponding to the friends name and click on the continue button

     ->Wait for 24-48 hrs as Facebook takes time to match the code sent to your friends and validate them successfully.

   ->After a certain time period, Facebook will send a mail to your registered email address saying that “ Your Facebook account has been  enabled       successfully”

Still, in case you get hurdles while activating a disabled Facebook account, then it is mandatory to contact third-party organizations, having toll free phone lines linked with Facebook support to recover disable account in minutes and accomplish all the tasks in a defined time period at ease.