The End is Nigh

Here is another blog post about working at NOISE, only this one is ridden with brackets.

I’ve been here for a minute now and there isn’t much longer to go until I complete my placement with NOISE festival – it’s about time for a self-revealing blog post, I’d say.

I last checked in just before the two month mark – I was settling in and finding my way through office life (although NOISE HQ is anything but your traditional office space) and absolutely loving it. I still am. There are a number of factors at play here, from the tasks I’m given, to the end goal and of course not forgetting, the wonderful team I get to work with everyday. Mix them all up and you’ve got yourself a wonderful little dream job cocktail (there’s a joke here, but I’ll refrain).

I’ve picked up a lot in my time here so far, those that come to mind being mail merge (my oh my, do I love me some mail merge) and actually being able to communicate with actual, tangible people (being unemployed and a bit of a nerd makes for very little time in the big bad world). I think it’s fair to say that working at NOISE has helped be regain some of that confidence that life spent the last four years beating out of me – I’m thankful. I feel useful and productive and that has a certain animating effect on a person, unlike the zombie-like regression that comes along with being a cog in a big machine. Seeing a direct result of your work is motivating like nothing else, I’m telling you.

But here’s where the fear kicks in. I’ve regained my focus and I know what I want, NOISE ensured that, but what happens when I’m done here? Sure, I’ll keep lending a hand where I can, but a girl’s gotta earn that £, y’kna mean? (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist). 

I really don’t want to go back to barely tolerating a job I hate because I need the money. I’ve seen a good few jobs I could apply for that I now know I’m not only capable of, but I might actually enjoy. The problem is that they tend to be down south and with salaries that couldn’t support the move. It’s a very scary situation – how could I possibly leave for the big unknown, when I’m happy here?

I'm lucky in that I have a good bunch of people around me, to help and support me in this predicament - the NOISE team, the lovely CEP people and the mentor they assigned me and the wonderful Lee from Transform Lives Company. I'll figure it out, soon enough. I’m determined to stay the path I’m on, but in the meantime, I’ll keep writing the good fight as I work through these next couple of months. (This is the end of the blog post).

The Creative Employment Programme is an England-wide £15 million grant fund delivered by Creative & Cultural Skills using lottery funding from Arts Council England. The Manchester Creative Employment Programme, run by a consortium led by Manchester City Council, received additional funding from the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities and other grants to support apprenticeships and jobs for young people.