Giles Deacon - Who, What, How?

Here's a break down of our NOISE Festival 2014 Fashion Curator's career so far.

NOISE Festival 2014 boasts the opportunity to work with a whole host of huge names in the creative industries, one of them being none other than Giles Deacon – two-time British Fashion Award winner and dresser to the stars. But who exactly is Giles and how did he climb the ladder to success? How did he even locate the ladder? 

We found out, when he chatted to NOISE.

1. He studied Marine Biology

...and consequently failed it. With no choice but to attend anywhere that would take him, Harrogate College of Arts accepted him based on his drawings of mice. Whilst studying there, he gravitated towards fashion after feeling it would be more fun.

2. It all went South from there

Darlington-born Giles headed down to Central Saint Martin’s after college. This was pivotal in his career, if only for the people he met and the part they’ve played in his rise to success. He attended with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan, Jeremy Deller and Katie Grand but it was a professor of his that sent him off to Italy to work for Bottega Veneta and gain the experience and connections necessary for him to branch out and start his own label. 

3. He started doing his own thing

His collection, “GILES,” debuted in 2003 and is still going strong, with suppliers including Harvey Nichols, Avenue 32, Piaf and Je Ne Se Quois. He’s also been collaborating with New Look since 2007, as they both believe in “fashion for everyone,” most recently branching out into makeup and nail varnish.

4. No biggie but...

He launched his New Look collection with Drew Barrymore, but his regular clients include Thandie Newton, Princess Beatrice and Scarlett Johansson.

5. He has a pretty full mantel

The British Fashion Awards named Giles “Best New Designer” in 2004, then two years later naming him “British Fashion Designer of The Year.” Elle Magazine Style Awards saw him receive the “Young Designer Award” in 2005 and “Best British Designer” in 2007. In 2008, Giles was named GQ Magazine’s “Designer of the Year,” as well as the French ANDAM Fashion Awards “Grand Prix.”


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