Half-Time at NOISE Festival

Right then, I’m currently half way through my 6 month internship here at the wonderful NOISE Festival office and probably about time I wrote something about it! Joe Blogs…(Sorry)

I can safely say this has been the first job I’ve genuinely enjoyed, having come in as a volunteer I officially started as ‘Fundraising and Admin Assistant’ at the start of Feb. I’ve been up to all sorts from chasing press coverage, marketing, spreading the NOISE message at events and fairs, and trying to get as many people involved as possible. No two days are the same here, and to be honest that took a while (and copious amounts of caffeine) getting used to, but it has turned out to be the best part of the job.  It’s a buzzing office with a proper friendly atmosphere, loads to do, and if you want to get stuck into something you’ve never done before the NOISE team are more than happy to let you loose on it! And let’s be fair, any office with an almost palm tree and fake parrot combo is a winner.

I found the NOISE charity through the Creative Employment Programme. The CEP was designed for long term unemployed young people around Manchester to get involved in positions within the creative industries. In all honesty it was an absolute life saver and exactly what I’d been searching for. I’d been unemployed for a good few months and just getting sick of recruitment agencies, the job centre, continuous headlines about the youth unemployment and a ‘spoilt generation’ lost to work. I know a lot of people were in the same boat. The CEP was advertising some great positions throughout Manchester, and I was lucky enough to get in contact with NOISE and end up here through the scheme. NOISE were amazing with me from the minute I started, really helpful and understanding but also keen to get me stuck right in to the areas I was interested in, not many employers would even think about doing that!

As I said I’m at the halfway point of my time here, and I’m still really enjoying it. Obviously some days are hard work, but knowing what I’m doing is contributing to a good cause is a great feeling, the team that work and volunteer here are quality, and the experience I’m getting is unreal. And there’s lots of cake, man I luvvvv the cake. All boxes ticked!

The Creative Employment Programme is an England-wide £15 million grant fund delivered by Creative & Cultural Skills using lottery funding from Arts Council England. The Manchester Creative Employment Programme, run by a consortium led by Manchester City Council, received additional funding from the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities and other grants to support apprenticeships and jobs for young people.