My time with Noise so far.

When I first got in touch with Noise it was to sell some small pieces of work, this lead to two successful Window Displays for Noise, which was a huge deal for me. I still get Window Display jobs from this original starting point, which is still a great part of my portfolio. These jobs proved to me and my potential clients what I can do.

I’ve also been able to talk to people about pricing and have a better idea what clients may also expect. I think there is a temptation to underprice yourself if you’re just starting out and I think I’ve had support not falling into this trap by talking to people with experience in the creative industry about what they can expect to pay for creative people.


Through Noise I’ve also met a lot of new people who in turn have other great contacts and ideas about my work. Having a good set of contacts has often been vital as a creative and Noise have helped me when looking for new work and new people to talk to. I also think setting up in a studio space in Manchester was made easier by knowing Noise. I knew they could help me get in touch with other like minded people, and offer support should I need it. For somebody setting up a business for the first time, having someone like Noise around with their experience and contacts made it much easier get started with fun, creative and professional work. 

As I’ve kept in touch with Noise I’ve gained even more experience, including public speaking, working with children and young adults, and hopefully soon I’ll be working in a school delivering lessons and considering my future in a teaching role. This is where I'm at now, working on some great projects and talking to fantastic new people about working in schools, thanks Noise!.