New Short Film - Manchester

JUST finished a new short film shot entirely in Chorlton Water Park, on a twee bench tucked away amongst some trees.


"Jenny and Denny" is a light-hearted piece about a boy and a girl, with an interesting twist!

 Directed by Aatif Zafar. We completed this short in our spare time, just for fun.

I was the stills photographer, but also helped with lighting and composition. 

We got there just as the sun was at it's brightest, and the Manchester weather stayed true to it's forecast for once too!

 Sounds guy and Director posing for a snap!

The sound guy (left) and Director (right) posing for a snap!

We managed to film it in its entirety in 4 hours - then post-production took several months due to conflicting schedules, and general busy-ness.


Cast and crew laughing along, at my hilarious jokes most likely.

If you would like to see the finished film please feel free: