#NOISEfave: Tony Njoku

This week's #NOISEfave is Tony Njoku, talented and all around lovely writer, singer, producer and composer.

Music maestro, Tony Njoku, is our NOISEfave this week! Tony is currently a Popular Music student at Falmouth and is works on all aspects of his music as producer, composer, writer and singer. Tony was also selected to take part in our LIVE Q&A Webinar with Thristian (co-founder of Boiler Room TV).

Lucy (our former Communications Manager) and Vic (our Deputy Director) are both DJ's after dark and are really impressed by Tony's gorgeous compositions, production skills, techniques and chill out vibes - perfect for a lazy day in the summer sun.

We like that he's got cover art on all of his uploads, as well as the fact that he's taken the time to put up some information about himself on his ePortfolio. This will benefit him in the instance of potential employers looking at his work, as they'd want to see more about him and how he carries himself where his work is involved. 

You can see Tony's other tracks on his ePortfolio.
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