Small yet valuable time at NOISE

A brief blog about being thrown back into the working world and working with the lovely people of Noise festival.

This time 3 weeks ago I was busy facing the world as most young people are right now, with no idea of what to do with their life or in some cases how to even get it started.

Noise were the first company I was genuinely interested in working for, it was finally not just me being thrown into any old interview by the jobcentre. It was an interview I worked hard for, but after so many application and interview rejections it turns to normality. However, with Noise I knew that my relationship with them wasn't actually over. This was a first and in some ways, a shock. I started to believe it was literally impossible in this day and age to get somewhere in any industry without having contacts in those areas. I was excited to see what was in store, even though it wasn't paid work, they were a nice and respectable company that I was excited to somehow be a part of.

First Week

Once my work experience started, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. My first day I was asked to go out and do some flyering. Now that may not seem like much to some people.. but after being sat in the house with my mother for 2 years, being outside and speaking to strangers on one of the busiest streets in Europe about something where my knowledge was limited wasn't exactly my comfort zone! It was uncomfortable, but I knew that throwing me in the deep end was very much a possibility and for me to learn as much as possible I had to try my very best. By the end of the day I was comfortable speaking to people again and I could feel my confidence coming back from years of being rejected and told I couldn't do things.

After that it was smooth sailing, if I could do something like that it was very natural for me to become friendly and interactive in an office environment, never mind just communicating with people. Most of the rest of my first week consisted of helping recruit volunteers by getting our vacancy listed all over the country. It was a great feeling to know something I was just doing for work experience sat in an office was actually having an impact everywhere and helping people get involved with the company. This kind of work from something as simple as e-mails has helped me a bunch in the job that i've now fallen into! I would be very confused in my field without all these basics which Noise offered to me.

Second Week

The beginning of my second week was.. well.. a deeper part of the deep end? And I was thrown right back in there. I was told to go to somewhere I'd never been, meet people I've never met and basically be in charge (not really in a serious way.. but still!). I was at a mall called the Lowry, I had to retreive the keys for a shop-like space and help people put their work up to showcase. In writing it does sound very easy! But just simply being the guy people came in to see/talk to/ask for help was so strange to me. I wasn't just representing a company I loved, but I was given responsibility for the first time. At the end of the day it was a brilliant feeling to know that I made something happen, that people trusted me with their work and that the work we displayed was there to be admired by everyone.

I think I'd like to end this blog post here, I don't want to get too into it and get all soppy! The rest of my work experience worth noting was mainly friendly, etc, The brilliant Noise team helping me with things like my cv and interview skills. Which landed me in my job today, a Marketing internship! Without Noise I would, without a doubt, still be sat here clicking apply on several hundred jobs that already have "100+" applications.

I'm very grateful for my time there and I'm very excited to continue building my relationship with them!

My Advice

For anybody that's shaky and not knowing whether to go out there and do some work experience or volunteering, use this as an example that they are worthwhile stepping stones that, if motivated, will lead you to where you want to be. Just make sure they are somebody you would be proud of working for and not somebody who just wants to use you, but somebody who is genuinely interested in you.