Sonic Terrain - World Listening Day 2014 Compilation

Space as Outlined featured on 'Directions' compilation. The variety of places, submissions and ears augmented this year not only in terms of numbers, but also in the diversity of the material itself. It has been an amazing journey to listen to all of these great sounds and moments.

From the subtle to the strong, the movement that sound represents is always a question of directionality, not just of axis, not just of traces around the space, but also of focus and attraction for that who listens. Maybe sound is never going to any place, maybe is not being directed and there is not such thing as sonic routes, but it’s clear that we can draw lines with our ears and define aural targets around the sonic universe, not only for passively going around them, but contemplating and interacting with the environment in a particular state of awareness, curiosity or just because of that organized randomness that is present in any movement, or accident that sound represents.