Top online ‘webinar’ with Elaine Constantine, you got it...

It was a bit of a mad morning, here at NOISE HQ, as we geared up for the first video Webinar of NOISE Festival 2014.

Elaine Constantine, our Curator for Photography sat down with eight wonderful NOISE photographers Simon, Jess, Lorna, Jenny, Hannah, David, Jack and Abbey to have a natter about the Photography industry, agents and digital vs. film photography.
Here’s a snippet of what we learnt:

1. It’s super important to find a theme in your work to be taken seriously by agents and clients. 

Elaine discussed learning about the photographers that came before her and how that helped her to find her own theme and define herself and her work. Though you don’t have to know artists to be an artist, it certainly helps you figure out what you like and what you don’t.

2. Elaine’s agent, Marco, popped in and talked to us about making money as a creative. 

You can’t shy away from talking money and it’s important to remember that clients will be used to it. Inform yourself about your clients and the industry in general. Ask other professionals for their input, if you’re not sure what you should be charging for your services. 

3. When approaching agents, be realistic about where you are in your career 

If you’re a newbie, don’t expect the big boys to want to play ball. Again, inform yourself and research what’s best for creatives in your position.

To watch the full video and hear what else Elaine Constantine had to say, check out the NOISE YouTube channel

The next Webinar will be with Giles Deacon, NOISE Festival 2014 Fashion Curator, on Friday 28th February 2014*

*please note change of date