Useful mobile apps for the students

All we know, that online education facilitates the education process for students all over the world. Nowadays, I think, all students use the smartphones. But as we know we can use our cellphones in different ways. Usually, students use it only for playing games. However, you can try to download some tools that will be very useful for learning new things.

iStudiez Pro

With the help of this app, you can easily organize your schedule in the school or university. It will help you to decrease your workload and, at the same time, save your productivity. There are a lot of different colorful options and useful attachments. With this application, you will do everything in time.

Share Your Board

With the help of this app, you can make a photo of the board and save it in PDF-format. Then you can share it with the other students. Also, there you can make some notes that will help to increase cooperation among students.


This app will come in handy when you are reading texts that are difficult for understanding. However, it’s better not to use it in class. Also, it will be very useful if you will have literature classes or something like this.


This application is free of charge. You will have a possibility to solve some tasks in Math (trigonometry, algebra and so on) and Statistics. What is more is that in RealCalc you will find a converter for different units.


We know that you want to get the best marks without grinding. Nevertheless, it’s very difficult to pass exams without any practice. In this application, you will find some tests with multiple choice. It will help you to improve your memory skill. Also, it gives a chance to see your total score. In this app, students can share their tests, because while having exams, cooperation is very important.

Custom essay writing services

On the internet, you can find numerous web pages that provide students with custom writing. On such pages, you can contact professional writers and ask them to help you with your writing assignments, or even write the whole paper for you. Such portals check each and every work for plagiarism which makes you not to worry about anything. 

 Foursquare for Universities

With the help of this app, you will always keep in touch with the staff, alumni, and other students. Also, there is a rewarding system. It will be very nice to get some reward if you are active at the University. For example, you can get it if you will learn the history of the university.

 iTunes U for iPhone

Itunes U will provide you with a lot of necessary information from the outside. There are a lot of free slides, lectures, e-books and other useful things. You can download them whenever you want.