Your Creative Future vids - What We've Learnt So Far

The Your Creative Future video series is well under way. From all the insideer career tips we've been hearing, we thought it was time we summed it up for you. You're welcome.

Last year’s Your Creative Future event saw some tip-top industry pro’s, such as Ian Livingstone CBE, share their stories of career success (and sometimes the odd failure) with lucky attendees. Plus a panel of NOISE Alumni spoke about their success since NOISE – and we recorded it all for you to see, released on our YouTube channel.

We’ve heard from Ciara Clark (jewellery designer), Matt “Sticky Pop” Daniels (graphic designer), Mark O’Brien (3D artist), JJ Rosa (Musician) and from Flux Magazine, Claire Lomax and Lee Taylor. Here’s what we’ve learnt so far:

1. Ciara wants you to find time to promote yourself

A common habit amongst creators is constantly making and coming up with ideas, but spending nowhere near enough time actually promoting yourself and being pro-active.


2. Matt’s lesson was to always keep your NOISE ePortfolio up to date. 

It’s often the first point of contact between you and potential employers and if you’ve not got all your work and information up there, you’re not giving yourself a fair shot.

3. Mark explains that you need to make sure your work is seen.

Again, on the note of self-promotion,  that making sure your work was seen not only got you more work, but made way for feedback and growth which helps you feel good about what you’re creating and also helps you maintain the drive to keep going. 

4. JJ’s rule– “the three Ps”.

Even simpler than abc, Passion, persistence and Patience are the ingredients to a successful artist. You need all three to make it and survive in the industry. 

5. Lee Taylor reminds you that it’s not easy, you may need to work hard.

Lee co-founded Flux magazine with no money and no networks and though they made it to the big time, it doesn’t mean it was all smooth sailing. Lee taught us that whilst things look slick and together from afar, there’s usually a whole lot going on behind the scenes to make it appear so. Prepare yourself for hard work. 

Next up...

We’ve got Ryan Holliday Stevens from Aqua by Aqua (worn by the likes of Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole), with more to come from Eva Sonaike, Alis Pelleschi and Ian Livingstone CBE, who also happens to be our Games and New Media Curator for NOISE Festival 2014

Keep watching and learning the tricks of the trade right here.