NOKI (fashion designer)

NOISE Curator, Fashion 2008

NOKI is an artist, visionary and conceptualist frockmacker who creates sustainable, one-off fashion inspired by street art. His early 90s t-shirt dresses were distressed, punched, tagged, gaffer taped, inverted and labelled with messed up brand logos like "No Coco" from Coca Cola or "Hard Cock" for Hard Rock Cafe. NOKI’s trademark balaclava masks are used for all of his media interviews and public appearances as a stand against celebrity culture.

When the former art student from Aberdeen settled in London, he worked as an MTV stylist and hung out with fellow fashion designers and party heads Fee Doran and Giles Deacon. His first show in 2002 was held in a derelict East London music hall. NOKI’s known for turning urban spaces into art installations, plastering the walls with paintings, prints and graffiti.

He set up a workshop/vintage store/fashion gallery, welcoming visitors to his ‘NHS’ - The ‘NOKI House of Sustainability’ - in East London; promising to rehabilitate fashion victims under the supervision of "Dr NOKI " and his team of  ‘nurses’.

NOKI has secured an impressive celebrity following including Beth Ditto, Kylie Minogue, M.I.A and Skin (Skunk Anansie).
In 2008, a fashion show of the best NOISE designers was given a NOKI make-over, blending his unique styling and staging for an unforgettable performance of the freshest trends and hottest models, live at the NOISE Creative Futures event.


“ has kind of created its own globalised ghetto. You can cross-pollinate; you can find other people that you are inspired by and start working together.”



“I had just graduated when the curators recognised my work. gave me a lot of motivation for my future career.”

Aurélie Margat, NOKI NOISE Curator Choice for Product Design 2008