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An new easy way to raise money for the NOISE Charity by online shopping & browsing. Costing you nothing.

The folks over at ‘Everyclick’ donate money directly to the NOISE Charity – every time you search the web, shop online from your favourite shops, or sell stuff on eBay.

No extra cash involved! Donations are made to us by the retailers you buy from and from the searches you do on the web, simple.

Everyclick has a raised over £2.5million for loads of UK charities.

This clever bit of kit also tracks your giving, updating every 3 minutes. You’ll be amazed how quickly it adds up. But how does this work, there must be some catch I hear you cry…

How it works - shop till you drop.

Give as You Live – Thousands of stores will donate to NOISE when you shop online, at no extra cost to you.
From washing machines, a new frock, to your weekly big shop or a holiday in the sun, you can earn money for the NOISE Charity by simply shopping online. Companies taking part include big high street names such M&S, TopShop, John Lewis, GAP, The Body Shop... and your favourite online stores like iTunes,,, Expedia  and
Simply download the Give As You Live app for your browser here. Follow the simple on-screen instructions and get shopping – like we need an excuse!

Search & browse the interwebs

When you search the web via Everyclick (using Yahoo!’s big search engine), every search gives a donation to the NOISE charity... at no extra cost to you...  how’s that for a bit of win-win?
Simply sign up here and follow the little instructions on the page, then get your search on!

Step-by-Step How to

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1. Click on to our special address
2. Make your homepage so even your searches help us raise money!
3. Place your mouse on the GIVE NOW button and click Search the web
4. o ensure your shopping also raises money: Place your mouse on top of the GIVE MORE button again and activate the Give as you Live shopping app
5. You can also register to track your giving and watch it add up!



Thanks for your support!