BBC Bus Tour 2006

Regional BBC Buses tour the North and Midlands, spread the NOISE Love.

  • Type
    Tour / Workshop
  • Date
    1 May, 2006
  • End Date
    1 June, 2006
  • Location
    North and Midlands

During the NOISE Festival 2006 ‘Call for Submissions’, we hop on board the regional BBC Buses to tour the North and Midlands, helping to spread the NOISE love. ‘NOISE on tour’ took the festival, and all the opportunities that come with it, to young people who may not have heard of us otherwise.

'The NOISE bus at Hindley is a breath of fresh air, it gives us a chance to practice our music and more confidence that people want to hear our talents'

Reece, 17, a resident at Hindley Prison (Youth Offending Centre)

As well as spreading the word, we offer Photoshop and Podcast-making workshops on the buses, which are full of the latest multi-media technology. We bring NOISE to young people in rural areas, disadvantaged urban estates, young offender institutes, inner-city youth clubs, town centres, schools, universities, libraries and those living on caravan parks without regular internet access. Through our month-long outing we reach over 5,300 young people!

 'Some of our young people are very talented, but are rarely able to develop their skills using this type of equipment. NOISE is a great chance for young people to experience a range of arts activities that they have had little opportunity to try in the past.'

Denise Benatello, youth development worker, Birchwood youth centre, Lincoln

Locations include: Carlisle, Cumbria; Hull and Grimsby, Humberside; Lincoln and Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire; Wigan and Manchester, Greater Manchester; and Blackburn, Lancashire.

The last stop of the tour is BBC Blackburn, where we invite Jack Straw MP to check out the creative work of some young talented folk from neighbouring colleges.


  • BBC Local Radio
  • Local Press (Wigan Evening Post, Mablethorpe papers x2, Grantham Journal)

 'In Mablethorpe, there is very little public transport, very few jobs (what jobs there  are come from Summer jobs, all paying well below the minimum wage) and very  little for residents to do, particularly for  young people. Lack of opportunities for our young people often leads down the path to underage sex and drugs – that is the reality for a lot of young people here. We are delighted that NOISE has chosen Mablethorpe - more often than not, it is a forgotten town and we have some talented individuals here that would really benefit from taking part in NOISE.'

Brenda Maltby, Head Youth Worker, Mablethorpe Youth Centre.