NOISE Vs Piccadilly

Working with Transport For Greater Manchester, we stage a 2-month, light-box exhibition at Piccadilly station

  • Type
  • Date
    1 October, 2006
  • Location
    Piccadilly Train Station, Manchester

Piccadilly is the busiest train station in Manchester. Over 28.5 million people use it annually, making it the fourth biggest station in the UK. We love a big audience for the work of emerging artists, so working with ‘Transport For Greater Manchester’ (GMPTE), we stage a 2-month, light-box exhibition in between the tram stops at the train station.

We showcase the work of 8 artists in this massively high footfall location as part of the NOISEfestival 2006  The 8 artists are: Gautam Narang; Adam Rowe; Katie Crush; Laura Tarrent-Brown; Lauren Cowes; Mia McDonald; Ruth Bartlett; Sam Kem; and Emma Wyre

Supported By

Arts Council