Banksy’s 'Santa’s Ghetto'

NOISE artist Emma Heron’s installation is included in the infamous Santa’s Ghetto ‘squat-art concept store’, curated by Banksy

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  • Date
    30 November, 2006
  • Location
    Oxford Street, London

In 2006 NOISE visited the Wimbledon University Summer Show and spotted Emma Heron’s captivating installation “Christopher”. The striking sculpture depicts a young landmine victim selecting a prosthetic leg from a ‘vend-a-limb’ machine. We loved it and swiftly asked Emma to get her work submitted to the NOISE Festival 2006.

After visiting the NOISE ‘Curators Choice’ exhibition at the Urbis, Banksy’s gallerist spotted Emma Heron’s installation and bought it, to be included in that year’s infamous Santa’s Ghetto ‘squat-art concept store’, curated by Banksy, the biggest name on the street art scene.


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To have my work shown at Santa’s Ghetto is very exciting and to have my work bought by a leading gallery is absolutely amazing. I never dreamt that people would want my work without none of this would have happened and this has set my career off to a brilliant start.

Emma Heron

The most arresting piece is Emma Heron’s vending machine which sells artificial limbs. Amid all the irony and mischief it is the only piece that stops people in their tracks.

Sean O’Hagan, The Observer

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