NOISE Artists to sell their wares, smack-bang in the middle of London.

  • Type
    Pop Up shop
  • Date
    1 July, 2009
  • End Date
    1 September, 2009
  • Location
    South Bank, London

A unique opportunity for NOISE Artists to sell their wares, smack-bang in the middle of London, right in front of Tower Bridge, rent free, and then reap all the rewards from their sales. This means that the only cash they have to part with is used to make their amazing products in the first place.

It has become increasingly difficult for start-up creative businesses to find affordable retail space. Red-tape can be confusing, there’s increased rents, and competition from the corporate big boys.

Hemingway Design created the cool, eco-standalone Kiosk that is used by the NOISE Artists, and is featured as partof the Design Museum's Super Contemporary exhibition, as well as being endorsed by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

13 NOISE Artists sold work during July-September 2009, including the ladies over at BLACdesign who sold a staggering £800 worth of products in just 3 days.

Providing young creatives with a credible route to market is something that we take in a whole new direction with NOISElab the following year...


  • Manchester Evening News
  • BBC Radio Cumbria
  • La Repubblica (Italy)
  • Newcastle Journal
  • Prestwich Advertiser

This project has been a real learning curve, and something that I would advocate to other young designers - if only to get us out of our design comfort zone and into the real world of the market place!

Catherine Hammerton, NOISE Artist

 Supported By

Hemingway Design

  • The Design Museum
  • Mayor of London
  • Beefeater Gin