Spindry Newspaper Launch

The Launch of Spin Dry vs Leveson - first newspaper publication

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    24 July, 2012
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During Spring 2012, the Manchester Spin Dry Media Collective of young writers and illustrators held three creative workshops billed as 'The Alternative Leveson Inquiry'. The content and ideas generated from Picturing The News and What Makes News Worthy? were compiled in Spin Dry’s first publication.

The Spin Dry newspaper draws influence from political comics and satirical, analytical magazines to create an informative and entertaining publication. Sections are devoted to music, film, art, fashion, food, travel as well as a satirical look at current news.

Supported by the NOISE incubation projects, Spin Dry are now exploring ways to transform the non-formal collective into a co-operative organisation, and hope to kick-start a regular monthly publication centred on media scrutiny. 

Supported by

The European Commission’s Youth in Action Programme