Art of Protest Exhibition, University of Manchester

As part of the 'Place of War' project.

  • Type
  • Date
    15 March, 2012
  • Location
    The Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester

The next tour stop for the ‘NOISE Art of Protest’ exhibition was the University of Manchester. The exhibition was part of an event to mark the end of the In Place of War project that researched international theatre and performance practice from sites of crisis and armed conflict.

NOISE Art of Protest exhibition combines creative, non-violent protest pieces by young artists from the arts portfolio site with the iconic work from leading international artists including Banksy, Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing, Stella Vine, Katharine Hamnett, and leading German artists Joseph Beuys & Thomas Peiter.

The Art of Protest exhibition also includes the NOISE Charity’s positive response to the 2011 youth riots. An International Protest Photo Compilation portrays young people from Berlin, Madrid, Valencia and Manchester who identify their protest issues.

The University of Manchester exhibition was followed by two further successful NOISE Art of Protest shows in Manchester and the London 

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