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Abbyy Screenshot Reader review

Abbyy Screenshot Reader review

Abbyy Screenshot Reader review can be an intuitive application that can help you grab screenshots of various goods, then recognize the textual content in every a person and generate a readable file. The program features Optical Character Recognition functions, which help it to detect the text in any source image and replicate it solely.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader allows you to seize screenshots of the user-defined space, a particular window or your entire monitor. In addition, you can grab a picture applying the 'Timed Screen' function, that may look ahead to 5 seconds right before capturing the image.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader supports close to 100 sixty languages, this means it'll work just as nicely, regardless of the language on the text you would like to seize. It enables you to seize two types of screenshots: image and text, each individual with different output preferences.

A screenshot is usually exported as an image, to clipboard or to an e-mail information. Therefore you can effortlessly cut out phrases from graphic files, including brochures, and switch them into editable parts of textual content, or you can quickly insert data into a report.

Moreover, you can export the contents of the screenshot as text to clipboard or into a document. An alternative choice would be to conserve it like a table to clipboard or to an XLS file, useful particularly any time you need to create lists of items, or copy data from tables.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader supports multiple output formats, including RTF, DOC, XLS, JPG or PNG, suiting your every single have to have, even though the advanced OCR technology will allow it to read through any text you seize and transfer it to an editable file, in just seconds.


With ABBYY Screenshot Reader, you can ignore about typing infinite web pages of textual content or endeavoring to work with scanned documents, as this tool will substantially simplify your work and prevent plenty of time.

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