HOW TO: Your account settings

Change things like your password, upgrade your membership or delete your account.

Your 'Account' tab is only visible to you (when you are logged in).

Find your account settings

  • Click ‘ME’, located at the top right of your page. Select ‘Change Account Settings’

 Account settings - top nav link

  • Or hit the ‘Account’ tab on your portfolio.

NOISE Account tab

5 links appear below you Portfolio tabs...

Account tab links

Account - edit image pic

Change your Username (only HotShot members), PasswordProfile Image here.
Did you know your Username forms part of your unique URL? To change this at anytime all you need to do is upgrade to a HotShot member.



NOISE Membership models


Upgrade your NOISE Membership, at anytime from here.
Also, view your current NOISE Membership status (how long you’ve got left etc)
Find out more about the different NOISE Membership models here.


Keep a track of items you've purchased through here.
Including NOISE Membership and NOISE Shop items with printable receipts for your records.


It'll be sad to see you go, but if you think it's time we parted ways, hit the ‘delete account’ button and send us a quick message requesting for your Portfolio to be deleted from

Please note, this is not an automatic process. The NOISE Team will delete your Portfolio  and notify you as soon as this is complete.

Deleting your Portfolio is permanent. When your Portfolio is removed from all of your work, expertise, comments, rating etc  are deleted too. So, make sure you really, really want to remove it completely.


Curator choice wordsA NOISE Festival winner, with high-rated artwork?
If your work as been selected by a NOISE Curator or highly rated by the NOISE Team for previous festivals, we will continue to use this piece in Festival archive galleries as a lasting example of the excellent submissions we received for that year.   You will of course, be credited but it won’t link to a NOISE Portfolio.