How To: Add work

Get your creativity on your Portfolio

Now that you have created your account with NOISE, here are some handy step-by-step tips on how to fill up your NOISE Portfolio and get the most from your membership package.

Log in

To your NOISE account.


sign in upload work button

Click ‘Add New Work’

You are taken to the 'Upload Work' page.

Upload work link image

About The Work

Category and Type: Select which one your piece of work fits into.

About the work image


Title and Description

This is your space to give visitors to your portfolio more info about your work.

Media Type

Select what type of work you are uploading to your Portfolio. Depending on what you're uploading, different things will happen...

media type image

– Hit Browse and search your computer for your image. Now click the Upload button.
Please bear in mind that the maximum file size is 20MB, you'll be sat here all day if you try to upload anything this big - we suggest 1MB- 5MB for happy visitors.

Plus, so your image looks top on your portfolio,  you should try and upload images which are at least 960px wide.

AUDIO – To upload an audio piece to your Portfolio, you will first need to upload your track to SoundCloud or MixCloud. On SoundCloud or MixCloud grab the embed code for the track by clicking on the ‘share’ button. 
Copy the embed code (not the URL of the page) and then paste it into the ‘SOUND CLOUD EMBED CODE’ box on the NOISE Portfolio upload page.

– Your video must first be hosted elsewhere on the interwebs. We currently accept or links. Simply copy and paste the link here.
Important: Please ensure your videos are not set to 'private'.

TEXT – To upload text (a story, essay or poem for example), simply need to copy and paste your text into the ‘EXTRACT’ box. You edit the text as you want it to appear on the screen.

We advise that you don't upload a whole novel, script etc, it'll make your Portfolio page look massive, plus visitors might be put off by a huge chunk of text. We think an excerpt of up to 2 paragraphs works best. Where possible copy and paste your text from a word processing programme where you've performed a Spell Check. Spelling mistakes look horrid!

Work In Progress

Is this an unfinished piece of work? Are you looking for feedback about where to take it next? Are you looking for collaborators? Put it out to the NOISE Community. Tick the box to flag it as ‘Work in Progress'.

Add to Collection

Rookie & Hotshot NOISE Members can organise  work into Collections.

Cover Image

Please note, you must upload a cover image for your work if you are uploading a video, audio or image piece. This could be the album cover, film poster etc.  Please remember to use an image that is your own or have permission to use

More Details


These words describe your work. To tag your work simply enter some keywords into the text box, making sure to follow each one with a comma. Tagging your work will make it more accessible to other NOISE users using the searching the site.


If you worked with others on your piece, whether as a collective, collaboration or something else, give them a credit and shout out here.

How I Made It

Gadgets, devices, software, equipment, materials, programs etc you used to create your work. Helps you're portfolio stand out to potential employees or collaborators who are on the lookout for an exact method or skill. Plus, it's a great chance for you to show-off.

Please note, 'Work In Progess', 'Collaborators' and 'How I Made It' will not be published on your ePortfolio. They may very well be in the future though.

Adult Material

If you feel your work may be a bit controversial then you can choose to flag it. Stuff not suitable for kiddies, swears, that sort of thing.

Comment Settings

Choose if you want people to leave comments on your work or not.

Nearly there...

Now click on the ‘SAVE’ button at the bottom of the page.

Nice one, you've just uploaded some work.

You'll now be taken to links where you can plug it across your social networks.