How To: Edit/Add Expertise

Update or get rid of your Expertise


There’s three  ways to find your Expertise Tab:

  1. Click ‘ME’, located at the top right of your page. Select ‘Update Your Expertise’.

    Expertise from dasboard image

  2.  From your Portfolio’s Overview tab.

    update expertise screengrab

  3. or, just click directly on the Expertise tab from your Portfolio.

  4. You’ll now see all of your Expertise
    List of expertise posts

  5. Find the one you’d like to edit/ delete. At the bottom of the box select either ‘Edit Experience’ or ‘Delete Expertise’
    If you choose to Edit, you’ll be taken to a page to change the details you want.
    If you want to delete, make sure you really want to get rid of it as there’s no way for us to recover deleted stuff.
    Delete or edit expertise