How to: A guide to Expertise

Transform you NOISE Portfolio into a super, online CV. Add your work experience, skills and more…

The Expertise tab gives you the option for users to find more about your creative talent, beyond your Creative work. By adding stuff like your  Work Experience or your Skills, your showing prospective employers and users the fully, rounded and talented you.

You don’t even have to have loads of expertise; we’ve designed the NOISE Portfolios so they can be added to at any time.
We like to think of it as a CV revolution.

Here’s how to get the most out of your NOISE Portfolio.

Expertise tab

There’s three  ways to find your Expertise Tab:

  1. Click ‘ME’, located at the top right of your page. Select ‘Update Your Experience’.

    Expertise from dasboard image

  2.  From your Portfolio’s Overview tab.

    Expertise from Portfolio

  3. Just click directly on the Expertise tab from your Portfolio.


Add Expertise – the different types

This is where your NOISE Portfolio differs to a bog-standard online profile. We’ve created a 360°, dynamic, visual CV. Where in addition to your creativity, potential employers etc can check out the other stuff you’re good at.

Achievements, accomplishments and successes. It doesn’t have to be something you’ve done in a formal setting (i.e. school or uni) – but nevertheless shows your talent – no matter how big or small.

We know that it can take a while to build up experiences so don’t be put off that you’ve got nothing to put in a section, it won’t be published as a big, blank space.


Do you think you’re pretty good at something,  it could be a ‘soft skill’ like ‘Excellent communication skills' or a  'hard skill' like 'Advanced Photoshop'. There’s space to add more details such as how/ where you got these skills and how you’ve put them into practice.

work experience

Upload some examples of your work experience. This can be paid (employment, freelance, commissions, apprenticeships…) or unpaid (volunteering, internships…). You can also add an image of your self on-the-job.

showcase experience

Your space to talk about where you’ve flexed your creative talent. This could be an exhibition, media production credits, talks, lecturers or if you’re on a committee (and everything in between). 

education and qualifications

School, college, university or the school of life, shout about your formal qualifications here.


Got certified? Maybe you’ve achieved something outside of the four walls of the classroom. Tell the world about it here.


Best in Show? Brag about it here.

enterprise expertise

Talk about anything ‘entrepreneurial’ you’ve done with yourself here. This is something you’ve done off your own back; started a business, ran a show, did a workshop, sold work,  organised a fundraising event…

NOISE achievement

Ever been selected by a NOISE Curator, completed a NOISE Dream Job placement, exhibited at a NOISE Event? Give some detail here.



Big, massive lists of text looks, dull and boring and doesn’t show off your talent in the way it deserves. The Expertise Tab lets you add different things to really illustrate your talent. Including images (gig shots, exhibition snaps etc) and a space for a recomendation.