How To: Edit Your Profile Info'

Change your personal details & the information that’s published on your Portfolio

Your 'profile' tab is only visible to you (when you are logged in). Here you can add, edit and update the information people see when they visit your Portfolio. You can also update your personal information here.


Find your Profile Information:

  • Click ‘ME’, located at the top right of your page. Select ‘Edit Your Profile’

Profile info link from top nav

  • Or hit the ‘Profile’ tab on your portfolio.

Profile tab

You’ll see 4 links appear underneath your Portfolio Tabs…                  


Directly edit items such as your name, date of birth and contact details.
Here at NOISE, your privacy is of upmost importance to us. So, we have clearly labelled what details are published publically on your Portfolio.

e.g. details like your phone number will NEVER be publically published, but this info is useful as from time to time NOISE may need to contact you quickly and directly regarding press opportunities, if you are a project winner, someone’s interested in your work, you are a NOISE Festival winner, general enquiry etc. Please be assured your contact details are not shared with third parties. 

Some questions towards the bottom are solely used for the NOISE Charity’s monitoring purposes to help us shape our future projects. These too are clearly labelled.


This information is really going to help distinguish your Portfolio from the rest, here’s where you can start to personalise and tailor what people find out about you and your talent.


NOISE creative Bio example
Creative Bio

This is your professional statement for all to see (industry professionals, the media, the public.) This is your chance to shout about yourself and impress!
Please be careful not to post personal details here (phone numbers, address etc).

NOISE Creative statement example
Creative Statement

A mini version of your Creative Bio. It’s all about you, but in a nutshell; short and snappy, briefly and concisely.

NOISE Portfolio - what I do
What you do

These words tell visitors to your portfolio your specialism’s, focus, skills and know how. You might be a designer slash musician or business owner slash blogger – show it all off here.


Have more work to show elsewhere? Link your website here. Upgrade to Hotshot membership to switch this functionality on.


Key FactsNOISE Key fact example

Three amazing creative facts about you, stuff you wouldn’t dare put on a normal CV, but that’s pretty impressive none the less. A bit of blatant blagging and bragging or just show your cheeky, creative side.

Put each 'Fact' on a new line.  These will show up on your overview page.

Dream Job

What’s your ultimate occupation? Who knows, we might be able to help you find it…
These will show up on your overview page.



For hire image
Your NOISE Portfolio is a powerful bit of kit as part of your career-building toolbox.  The NOISE ‘For hire?’ helps us to match you with opportunities, placements and jobs with leading international, creative companies.

Fill out the following information to ensure your NOISE Portfolio is on the radar of registered NOISE Companies looking to take on the best creative talent. (Optional, you don't have to fill this out).
NOISE understands that your rate may differ depending on what job you are doing and for what type  company you are doing it for. Here’s your space to list your different rates.