How To: Share

Plug yours and others creativity across the web. Get seen & appreciated.

Plug your work, share things you love & mail people about stuff you see on NOISE.



Once you have saved your work, you’re re-directed to the successful upload page. You can now plug the work you have just uploaded to your Facebook / Twitter profile.

Share your work





(You must have a facebook and/or twitter account to do this – but you knew that right?)


Select the work you want to share from the Creativity tab of your Portfolio. You'll see the twitter, facebook and google+ options beside the piece of work on the right.
Simply click on either icon and then follow the above instructions!

share work on your portfolio

We've also made it possible for you to email someone a link to your work. Click the green '@' icon to beam this page direct to someone's inbox.


SHARE more

We've rigged this site up so that anywhere on you see these bunch of icons you can share it. share icons