NOISE Jobs launches!

The next bit of our brand-new site to launch is NOISE Jobs and is delivered in the spirit of “There won’t be any work left us unless we create it.” (Platform 8, 2010).


We’re continuing the charity ethos, to remove the barriers facing emerging creatives looking to take their talent to the next level. We want to help you to start getting vital experience and earning an income from your amazing talents.

Which is why we’ve included a whole range of positions to suit whatever stage you’re at in your career, whatever your availability, wherever you are.
•    Full-time / Part-Time positions
•    Freelance/ Commissions and contracts
•    Placements, Internships & Volunteering
•    Situations Vacant
•    Job Feeds


By keeping your NOISE Portfolio up-to-date, you can create the wow-factor and stand out to potential employers or those looking for one-off, commissions. Remember, we’ve created a space in your Expertise tab for you to add recommendations from former employers /clients. It’s another great way to show-off your experience and ability to potential new bosses and co-workers.

If you see a position that tickles your fancy, you can apply for it right there and then via the simple NOISE application process. We can’t guarantee we’ll get each and every one of you a job, but we’ll give it proper, good go.

NOISE Jobs will be regularly reviewed and quality checked by the NOISE Team. Any positions that seem exploitative or just don’t seem right will be removed.

If your successful in getting a job via NOISE Jobs, please let us know  and we’ll showcase your story on the site.


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