Disorder Magazine Takeover

NOISE took over Disorder magazine for a special issue featuring NOISE artists.

We are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to get your work published in magazines to maximise exposure for your work. As part of NOISE Festival 2008, we hooked up with London’s Disorder Magazine for their NOISE Rule Britannia, November/ December 2008 issue, to spotlight a bunch of NOISE 2008 artists.

As with our own NOISE Magazine publication, the Disorder issue was developed to create a lasting legacy of the top quality work that was submitted to NOISE. The special issue featured 27 NOISE Artists in including journalists, photographers, fashion designers, musicians, illustrators and graphic designers

Disorder is distributed to 21 countries. In the UK, it is available in Borders, Virgin Megastores, Waterstones, Blackwells and various newsagents. Like NOISEfestival.com, the Disorder magazine is widely acknowledged as a true representation of youth trends, and a source of new ideas in fashion, music, photography, illustration and popular culture.

The print collaboration offered massive exposure to all NOISE artists involved. The print run of 58,000 (26,000 in the UK, 32,000 across the world) introduced NOISE talent to new audiences, potential employers and buyers. The artists involved can use their print copy to bolster their portfolio when promoting their work.

'We've sold out of this issue, and Borders have just put in another order, due to selling out.'

Disorder’s Executive Editor, Davide Firmager

'Many thanks again for getting in touch and for selecting my work!'

Andrew Johnson,NOISE artist

'Thanks so much - very excited about being in Disorder magazine! Can't wait to see it in print!! Having been a part of NOISE in 2006, it is great to be a part of it again!'

Kimi Tayler, NOISE Artist

'We love you for putting us in Disorder <3 !'

This Summer Sunrise, NOISE Band