The Art of Protest Newspaper

Take a look inside the NOISE Art of Protest Newspaper, which provides you with insights into the project.

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The free ‘Art of Protest’ publication provides insights into the project, examples of artwork to be featured in the 2013 Final Showcase, and contributions from politician Brian Paddik, former Deputy Assistant Commissioner in London’s Met Police service, plus Joshua Blackburn founder of Provokateur, an ethical communication agency, whose clients include Greenpeace and Oxfam.

The magazine was produced by the young, Art of Protest team, mentored by NOISE and designed by Fran Nelson.


 ...the art of protest can be seen on our streets, expressed in a renaissance of provocative graffiti that speaks with a political voice as sharpened as any placard. This is all part of the new art of protest: homegrown, personal and viral. And it’s creative as hell.
Joshua Blackburn, Provokateur

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Teaser photo image by Liam Carter