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The NOISE Charity offers an exciting opportunity for organisations wishing to align themselves with an award-winning, innovative, not-for-profit youth brand. There is a broad scope of options for commercial companies to be involved with the NOISE Charity.

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In terms of promotion, exposure, and opportunities NOISE is by far the most rewarding event I have ever been involved in!
Scott Donhue, NOISE Visual Elements project winner, sponsored by Adobe


Sponsor NOISE

NOISE promotes emerging creative visionaries who do not have the social connections or choices, to leapfrog to the next stage of their careers and become potential role-models for the next generation.
With its global reach, NOISE presents a truly unique opportunity for organisations to work collaboratively with young people and emerging creatives to assist them to produce career-boosting outcomes that are positively associated with your organisation.

The list is endless when it comes to ways that your company can become affiliated with NOISE. Sponsors can support the different art categories, work placements, bursaries, specific NOISE projects/events and/or by supplying services, prizes and more. This includes purpose built partnership programmes, licensing, sponsorship and promotional packages.


NOISE enabled us with the opportunity to broaden our horizons and get one step closer to national recognition and industry level. We hope to pursue these goals; maintaining our links and increasing our network database, whilst continuing to make music.
Wayne Welbeck, 'Rhythm ‘n’ Grime'; NOISE Urban Songwriter project winners, sponsored by Yamaha

Our Sponsorship packages provide extra, high-quality opportunities for young artists and emerging creatives and to increase the reach of audiences accessing the NOISE Charity and its fantastic range of services and of course, increasing your brand awareness.

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