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01/01/2006 - Present

Katarzyna Jablonska


Manchester, UK

Katarzyna Jablonska, born 1983 in Lodz (Poland) completed 2 years private fine art tuition by Piotr Krol (2006-08) focused on drawing skills and techniques.  She then moved to the UK to study BA (Hons)Interactive Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Since graduating in 2011 she has exhibited in a number of arts festivals, solo and group shows. She is an associate member of Mark Devereux Projects, Neoartists Studios in Bolton and PS Mirabel studios in Manchester


She is currently working with dancers, musicians and other artists creating images narrated through identity, expression and imagination.


05/24/2013 - Present

Katarzyna Jablonska


Manchester, UK

Drawing has always been dominant in Katarzyna Jablonska's practice. Line, light, shadow and composition play as much a fundamental part of her work as the content and story behind it.

he is currently working with dancers, musicians and other artists creating images narrated through identity, expression and imagination. With a camera and then on paper she penetrates the core of artists’ spiritual life, lifted vibration, exhilarating energy.

Education / Qualifications

Sir John Cass London guildhall


BA (hons) / Fine Art,BA fine art & post-grad art




02/01/2002 - 12/12/2013







BYOB moving image art fair 2013, 

projection installation Bargehouse Oxo Tower wharf London

Paraphernalia Boutique
Sluice Artfair, London 19-20 October, 2013


Portobello Film festival September 2013


BYOB moving image art fair 2012, Bargehouse Oxo Tower wharf London

Handbag, super 8 film projection 2012 



La Petite Muerte exhibition 2012 “ hand drawn animation “ sky burial” looped on monitor


Natural Selection exhibition Hospital club Covent Garden 2012

Hand drawn elephant animation looped on a monitor





Green Film Festival 2012 in Seoul Korea

Showing of the “the endangered Asian elephant animation”


Bus-Tops a collaborative public art installation across 20 London boroughs 2012

Walking elephant animation


Film loop/ slide show, “estate face” December | Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology



Body-beliefs, “estate face” slides show with Debbie Challis Wellcome collection   


Sluice artfair filmarmalade- 15 - 16 October 2011, Mayfair, London —

Showing of “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “




The Old Fire Station islington exhibits, Rowan Arts   2012

Looped on monitor “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “



C.A.R.  Media art fair, June, 3-5,2011, Essen 

Looped projection “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “




The Residence gallery     London 2011“ u aint so pearlie white” projection



7th Berlin International Directors Lounge, 2011

Looped projection “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “




242 Gallery       London 2011 “id please sir"

Looped projection “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “

And voomoo sculpture




Elephant parade London 2010 Two painted 3d elephants



Filmarmalade   BFI 2010

Looped “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “ monitor



Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool 2010

“Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “



NUIT BLANCHE 2008 Paris  “bakers buns” projection


Portobello film festival, 2008 film projections “newspeak” “Voomoo”




Hoxtonsquare gallery, London. 2008

A collection of voomoo sculptures


Bigbang festival Plaza Zabala Uruguay 2008

“Pilchards” projection



20h Hommage à Gianni Toti. Totinouï de Marc Mercier, France 2008

“Bakers buns” projection


Elevator gallery, London “Dead Bodies and Cardboard' 2008

Filmed projection looped, “Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England “ & voomoo


Directors Lounge, Berlin I Film Festival 2007

“Pilchards” projection



 The Changing Room Gallery, London "News From Nowhere: Visions of Utopia"

2007 looped film “Newspeak”


Optica Festival, Gijon, 2007 “ Bakers buns” projection



Bricklane gallery, London “peace camp” curated by Bob and Roberto Smith

 2 – 31 December 2006 “ looped  “ newspeak”


 D-NEFF European Experimental Exhibition, Spain 2006

“Raven head” projection




Echoes of MOD At Hejfina. Chicago, live box gallery 2006

“Pilchards” looped on monitor



Artinyourface  "Video Art TV- Screens Malmoe - Sweden, 2005Projection of film in shop window “Pilchards”



Invited curator SALT 291 gallery 2004



 Westbourne Studios, Portobello. London 2004 “pilchards”



Portobello film festival, 2004 film projections

Look Behind You, Koari, U Aint So Pearly White


The Gallery Southwark Park.  London “ pilchards” 2004



Curzon Soho cinema, London, 



Raindance East Film Festival London



F-EST & Salt 291 gallery London



Art channel France on Neuftv! Channel 2004



Pixel dance Festival, Thessaloniki Greece, 2004


Mikrokino festival, Nedelja, Belgrade, 2003 Yugoslavia 

Projection “ handbag”



Projection, Art-Hostel" in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Projection “ handbag”



Plum, East end alternative arts group London 2002

Looped super8 projection of upwards flowing water

In window < hackney







published. interviews, public art, competitions winner







Publisher: Filmmarmalade.  Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England

Artist DVD 



Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship march 2013


elephant parade london booklet  2010


Volume 28Issue 1,



Animation "Tusk shortlisted G=Technology competition


Talenthouse Dave White Natural Selection animation winner


Bob & Roberta smith competition flogo design winner chosen by the Art curator of Museum of London at the Hales Gallery








Filmarmalade interview published on DVD available at ICA and LUX


The Hospital club interview



Interview with Talenthouse


Commissioned Public art ilustration


 Asian elephant charity ,Elephant parade UK tour 2013/ 2014  (wild london)

 Asian elephant charity, Elephant parade London  2010 ( Bird & bird2) 





Katarzyna Jablonska


Manchester, UK





Best of Show, "Imagine" - Figuratively Speaking, Juried Exhibition, Juror Teresse Radenbaugh, Dianne Neuman Gallery, California, USA

Special Merit Category, All Women Art Exhibition, Light Space and Time Online Gallery


4th place, category: Selfportrait in American Art Awards - International Contest

Winner of the 7th Artslant Showcase


Solo Exhibitions (Selection)


Europia, Ada House, Manchester


Manchester School of Art, MMU, Holden Gallery

Westfest, Pomegranate, Manchester

Didsbury Arts Festival, Cafe Rouge, Manchester

Sladyfest: Bodies, Slade Hall, Manchester


Juried Exhibitions


"Imagine" - Figuratively Speaking, Juror Teresse Radenbaugh, Dianne Neuman Gallery, California, USA

Focus on Figures, Juried Exhibition, Juror Dan Thompson, Massachussats, USA

Identification, Juror Dara Engler, Target Gallery, Alexandria, USA


Group Exhibitions (Selection)


International Art Show, Galeria Zero, Basel, CH

Process, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, UK

Wake Up Call, Northern Young Artists, Barnsley, UK

Arbitrary Ground, Neo Artists, Bolton, UK

Rochester Erotic Art Show, NY, USA

A6 - where artists meet, Mirabel Studios, Manchester, UK


Piotr Krol & Friends, Galeria Luna, Lodz, Poland

28daysstreetartaction, Feminist Festval, Manchester, UK

Freshtival, The Lowry, ManchesterArtifice, Mirabel Studios, Manchester

The Jester, Bristol Folk House, UK

Treshold, Love Architecture Festival, Myhotel, Brighton, UK

Vibrant Arts & Culture, Trinity House, Manchester, UK


Katarzyna Jablonska - Quotes about Works


"☆☆☆☆☆" GCJ, 16 March 2014 

"Extraordinary! Love it!" CW, 15 March 2014

"Look Honey, you are a highly gifted and educated Artist, I can only dream of having the acquired talents that you have. You got to go to a Great university. Use what you have learned, be unique, as unique as the profile that is you right now." TD, 14 March 2014

"Such outstanding work Kat!!!!", BK 14 March 2014 

"Beautiful drawings, a big like from me, keep up the good work!" SS, 14 March 2014 

"IT'S SO STRONG ... what a struggle ... what a tension ... what a dynamic ... SUPER !!!" DV, 21 March 2014


"Interesting ... to see how you build it up ... and what a wonderful technique 2 ... it is if you are a biological engineer building a human ... WOW", 21 March 2014


" Stylish, Unique an Expressive.. Great Artwork" RFR, 14 March 2014 


"Impressive" SS, 14 March 2014

"(...) you struck out on your own, took a calculated risk, and added the orange hair color, you got guts, that's for sure." TD, 14 March 2014

"good.......keep rocking" RS, 14 March 2014 "I love your style and grace." TD, 14 March 2014 

"(...) this is spectacular..... Born to be a true artist....." EO, 14 March 2014 

"Brilliant tonal values. Love how fluid yet defining they are" BN, 14 March 2014 

"(...) I really admire your work (from what I have seen). It has that wonderful mesmerizing quality." AC, 2 March 2014 

"Stunning and powerful." SS, 1 March 2014 

"Sensual and emotive..beautiful work" TR 9 March 2014 

"Powerful." BW-W 14 Feb 2014 

"(...) your drawings are quite unique, they have an acute feeling of gracefulness, sensitivity and deep introspection." DW 17 Nov 2013 

"stunning ... the eyes have it!!! (...) I only wish I had a fraction of your talent ..." KC 5 Feb 2014”


09/26/2013 - Present

LILO Web & Graphic Design Agency Nottingham



Based in Nottingham we successfully create identity, graphic and web design, ecommerce, SEO and content management solutions for brands, retailers, people and services.

Education / Qualifications

09/24/2007 - 07/02/2010

University College Falmouth


BA (Hons) Textile Design. First Class


Falmouth, Cornwall, UK