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Zairah Amin

Writer / baker / jewellery maker


Less a Jill of all trades and most likely just indecisive, I write, craft, bake and tinker about on Photoshop.

Presently, I am a Content and Social Media Manager at NOISE, where I muck about on in the interwebs all day. I predominantly write short stories, poetry and even the odd song, but blogging is like breathing, to me.

I've been lucky enough to do a little bit without doing very much, at all. I got a citizenship award at age 9, was a finalist for Channel 4's Raw Cuts 2007, traveled to Kraców, as part of the EU's Youth in Action program, been published a couple of times and I've even been on the radio once or twice.
In my spare time, I bake yummy things and make upcycled jewellery. Less productive activities include, but are not limited to, keeping up my tumblr, tweeting and watching far too many shows and movies.

I run workshops at a faith school, sparking discussion and educating girls about taboo subjects, creatively. A member of the school's PTFA, I aid them in writing sketches, creating posters for fundraising events and acting as a youth consultant.

What's Happening


03/22/2016 - Present

Manchester Islamic Education Trust





NOISE Festival



I started working in Marketing at NOISE Festival in December 2013. I completed my six-month internship with them, as part of the Creative Employment Programme in June 2014 and was promoted to Marketing Assistant (from when I became the sole author of all social media marketing, website content and newsletters). From October 2014 to March 2016, I was Social Media and Content Manager.

My favourite aspect of working in Social Media for NOISE is live-tweeting our webinars and events. You can see an example of this here: 

You can find NOISE Festival at:
You can find me and all of my personal social media links at:

Winter Fashion Extravaganza


11/21/2013 - Present

NOISE Festival

Some Truths on Fathers DayOutstanding
Mocha Cupcakes
Winter is Coming
Scarlet Vine
Braidy Chain
MIHSG Girls Evening In


The End is Nigh

Here is another blog post about working at NOISE, only this one is ridden with brackets.

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Warda the Riveter

Education / Qualifications

09/01/2008 - 06/15/2010

Loreto Sixth Form


A-Levels in Media Studies (B), English Language (D) and Theology & Ethics (D)


Hulme, Manchester

Education / Qualifications

09/08/2003 - 07/25/2008

Levenshulme High School for Girls


One AS-Level and 10 GCSEs


Levenshulme, Manchester


Working at

I have a tendency to gush over new jobs for about a week, before hating them with every ounce of my being. I’ve been in the NOISE office for a few weeks now and I can confidently say that working here is in no way perpetuating the vicious cycle that is evident in my employment record. I (still) love it here and I plan on sticking around.

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White Flag


CEP Training Day - "Be Your Best Self"

Never would I have imagined, not just eating but actually savouring and enjoying chocolate, as preparation for a new job. I’m not sure what I expected from the training, but let me tell you, it was not that.

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Level 1 Employability

Where from:

Impact 4 All, Manchester City College



I covered myself in mud and danced the "Thriller" routine for royalty.


I was a finalist of Channel 4's 2007 Raw Cuts competition.


I was on Blue Peter once.

Dream Job

I'm trying to decide between sleeping in and writing for the remainder of the day and waking with the dawn so I can get busy baking for the cafe I own.

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