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Coventry, United Kingdom

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Elena Ciolacu

Elena Ciolacu

Illustrator / Graphic novels writer and illustrator /

Work overview

Good stories shape our society. Meaningful stories feed the soul. My aim and my artistic creed is to tell such stories through my work.

I am an award winning illustrator and graphic novels artist based in the UK. A graduate of BA Illustration and Animation at Coventry University, with a strong background in traditional art and currently exploring digital art, my work focuses on visual storytelling. My inspiration comes mostly from daily life, photojournalism, photography, light, nature, movies, literature, music, history, religion, the work of the old masters, folklore … everything that speaks about the spiritual side of life, about the human soul and mind. After a long time of wanting to just created pretty pictures, my work started to have a purpose when I realized how much power visual stories have. My first graphic novel saved someone's life. Be it films, graphic novels, animations, people's minds and hearts are deeply touched by good stories, so much that they can actually change their lives for the better. Good stories shape our society. This is my aim and my artistic creed. To tell meaningful stories through my work. History hides so many extraordinary episodes about human strength and value, unknown people live such remarkable lives, my country's folklore hides such an immense unexplored realm of fantasy... all these are stories which I want to share because people need to see, read and hear them.