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Ben Mosley

Work overview

I have already begun work at a company called Haden ( Spray booth specialists) where I am working on 3D animated simulations. I am working on a music video for a rock band that have recently won a battle of the bands competition. Also my two short films are being entered into BBC talent, and also being put onto the Internet within the next month ( - animation section). In the future I hope to be a director for either animation or music videos, I feel a few years in the industry will gain me a lot of experience and knowledge. Inspirations: These include the works of John Kricfalusi (director of Ren and Stimpy). Tex Avery and Tim Burton. This is reflected in my work, the influence of music and sound effects mainly comes from Ren and Stimpy episodes. Success: Audience Award for 'Safari Park' at Animation Bites film screening within university Screening of 'Flea Circus' animation in Electronic Image Company logo design competition winner '98 for A.C.P.C (Area Child Protection Committee) Still used today.