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Leeds, United Kingdom

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Lauren Cowdery

Noise Relationship Manager / Artist / Tutor / Freelancer


If it involves making things and making a mess then I'm in!

I started my artistic journey with a BA in Fine Art Contemporary Media, making Installation and Video art and generally being an art-fag to my hearts content! Since then I've been a Fabric Crafter, Art and Multimedia Lecturer, Freelance Tutor, Behaviour Support Worker and Circus Education Manager - Keeping it creative!

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Education / Qualifications

09/01/2009 - 07/31/2010

Huddersfield University


PGCE Post Compulsory Education



PGCE ocusing on Art, Media and Design for Post-16s. I completed my teaching placement at Leeds City College where I taught young people on the BTEC Introductory Diploma Arts & Media, BTEC National Diploma Fine Art and BTEC National Diploma Multimedia. 

Education / Qualifications

09/01/2003 - 02/28/2009

University of Wales Newport


BA (Hons) Fine Art Contemporary Media, MA Art


Newport (South Wales)

I specialised in Installation, Performance and Video and produced a variety of installations, including digital, performance and interactive work. I also studied printmaking and fabrication (wood, metal, plastic). Following my BA I remained at Newport to complete my MA, where I continued to explore themes of interactivity, liminal space and particpation through installation.


06/01/2006 - 06/01/2007

FACM:all and Show 'n' Tell Collective Graduate Exhibitions


Curator / Exhibitor


Tactile Bosch, Cardiff & Truman Brewery, London

I exhibited interactive video installation work at Tactile Bosch Gallery (Cardiff) and the Free Range Graduate Arts Fair (Truman Brewery) Galleries with FACM:all Graduate Exhibition 2006 and Show 'n' Tell Collective Graduate Exhibition 2007. I also curated the exhibitions at Free Range, both as part of my BA and MA studies at Newport University.


05/01/2010 - 05/01/2010

Pop Up Art School


Contributer / Tutor


University of Huddersfield

As part of my PGCE programme, we set up the Pop Up Art School, a one-day pop up event at Huddersfield University focused on developing access to arts and creative projects and discussing the development of artistic practice in Art, Media, Craft, Fashion and Design. The event was open to all, and was attended by university students, school groups and members of the public.

The event included drop-in workshops in jewellery making, paper-art & origami, paper fashion, knitting, sewing and drawing, a pop-up cafe space, live music and talks from artists, educators and performers connected to the PGCE programme and arts education in Yorkshire/North West.

I assisted with the curation and artist management of the event and delivered workshops in fabric jewellery and bunting for visitors to the event.


Arts Facilitator

I have over 5 years experience of delivering arts, craft and media sessions to young people, families and adults, including participants with learning difficulties.

I have previously worked with young people at Leeds City College, Aspergers Children & Carers Together (ACCT), Breeze on Tour, Freeman College & Greentop Circus delivering stand-alone and recurring sessions, including at Big Draw and Family Arts Festival events.

I am able to deliver sessions in the following:

Felt Making, Circus Skills, Animation (including Stop-motion, Claymation and Pixilation), Printmaking, Lifedrawing, 3D and Installation, Light Drawing and Photography, Portfolio Development, Confidence Building. 

I am also an Arts Award Advisor Bronze and Silver.


Featured in Craftseller Magazine



A sample of my work was featured as part of Craftseller Magazine's Issue 2 Halloween Supplement in October 2012.

The featured included an example of my Halloween Bunting, produced as part of my craft work as Rescued Rags and an interview with me as creator.


09/05/2011 - 03/17/2014

Greentop Circus



Waiting For Godot Series 1

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