Artist/ Jaime Espigares Lopez

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Jaime Espigares Lopez


Work overview

Lately I have been working in my diptych series. It consist in pairs of images that doesn't have anything in common at a first look but keep a relationship on terms of shape or meaning .

I studied photography in Madrid and Manchester and have a degree in Art History by the University of Granada. It was during an internship at Nosadella.due Art Residence (Bologna, Italy) writing about other peoples prjects and artwork where I decided to specialize in photography. My photography is focused in the most common subjects that we can find around the street but always trying to give them a surrealistic side based in the ambient lights, artificial or natural. My aim is to create something special in places and situations where we usually don't watch. More than tell a history I aim to trigger a feeling using elements that everyone knows.