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Gloucester, United Kingdom

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Scott Howarth

Scott Howarth's Expertise


Advanced Google Sketchup Skills

I have been using sketchup for over 2 years now and for every project that i undertake i 3d model in it in order to create realistic visualisations. On top of this i use it to analyse locational issues on my design such as how sunlight affects the building and also how the building looks within the local context.


Competent AutoCad Ability

I learnt AutoCAD while interning last summer (2013) during which time i was asked to draw out site plans and elevations; plans, elevations and working sections for many different house types; and used it to put together a complete planning application for a 30 strong housing project. Now, back at university, i use it for all my projects and can quickly draw up any ideas i have or create detailed drawings when required. Along with this i also help out tutoring other student on how to use it to help increase their employment oppurtunities after they have finished studying.


Homes of the Future


Chair and Exhibitor


Nottingham Trent University

I was chair and the main organiser of an exhibition that my tutor group at Nottingham Trent University put on. My role involved helping design the publication which was adjesent to the exhibition and pulling together 15 different projects to go inside. I also had to organise with the university everyone's presentation areas so they could successfully convey their projects.

The exhibition was based upon the future of housing and how new technologies could change home homes are constructed and inhabited. The exhibition was put on for leading housing developers and architect companies around the Nottingham area.

Education / Qualifications

09/01/2005 - 07/13/2012

Sir Thomas Rich's Grammer School





General Studies - A;   Art - C;   Maths - B;    Geography - B


Trower Davies Architectural Consultants



First insight into architecture before university and was a catalyst to me studying it as a degree. I gained experience in housing designs; looking at master-planning and the design of housing and flats according to building regulations.


Avid Traveller

I'm extremely keen on seeing the world and hope that a profession in architecture will allow me to do this. Have already travelled around Europe to cities including: Rome, Venice, Paris, Bilbao, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin and Barcelona. Currently planning a trip around Asia and Australia in a hope that I can broaden my horizons even more.  


Keen Renderer

Throughout my time at university I have been experimenting with every rendering software there is in order to present my work and ideas to their best possible standard; have experience using program's ranging form lumion to cinema 4d. Currently I am using maxwell and these have turned out to be the best images I have produced so far