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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Suk Ninmyo

Suk Ninmyo

Audio electronics enthusiast and builder. Drawer / illustrator. Musician.

Work overview

Drawing...lots of drawing! I build electronics also which I've been including in the drawings. I use U.V ink to hide some images and to make them more interactive. Some drawings rotate, others have pop ups...

I draw every day. I find the process pleasing and enjoy an almost automatic approach to adding shapes, characters and language to what evolves into being both landscape and texture. I'm compulsive about methodologies that centre around repetition: repetition of lines, tones and motifs. For 5 years I have been working like this. Currently I'm working heavily on artwork that combines drawing, audio electronics, ultraviolet pigments and paper mechanics. I am interested in stenography, and how, through using this practice, I might lend my drawings a puzzle-like element. This current work is modular and fits together to form a single installation.

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