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London, United Kingdom

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Adriel Leff

Screenwriter / Director / Editor / Music Producer / DJ

Work overview

I am a multi-award winning writer/director, having had both TV and feature scripts optioned, as well as producing my own films that have featured in over a dozen international film festivals and competitions.

Following a successful stint as a music journalist, my first ever attempt at screenwriting was optioned by producer Allan McKeown (BIRDS OF A FEATHER, LOVEJOY), the only occasion that he ever accepted an unsolicited script. Earlier this year I was asked by producer Enrico Tessarin (THE KNOT) to rewrite the final draft of £1.1m feature film starring Noel Clarke. An original feature length screenplay of mine has been selected as a winner of this year's British Urban Film Festival's Scriptwriting Competition and will receive a live reading at the Channel 4 building in front of representatives from Film4. My own directorial debut, comedy feature BLOODY LIP, won the award for Best Ensemble In A Feature Film at the LA Comedy Festival, received its world premiere at the prestigious Friars Club Comedy Film Festival in New York City, and was selected as the closing film of the British Urban Film Festival. The film has gone on to be included in seven additional festivals and competitions. My second feature THE BALLAD OF JOHNNY WINDOWS won the award for Best Mockumentary in a Feature Film at the LA Comedy Festival, also had its world premiere at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, and will receive its UK premiere at the British Urban Film Festival and its South American premiere at the Museum Of Contemporary Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am currently in production on my third feature BREAKING BRITAIN, on schedule to complete the film by the end of the year.