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Nick Meekham

Nick Meekham

Illustrator / Photographer / Designer / / Creative Writer / Singer / All Round Nice Chap.

Nick Meekham's Expertise

I am a qualified Graphic Designer, graduating from UCA Maidstone in 2013 I have spent my time trying perfect my craft as a print desginer I am a hard working, enthusiastic and an eccentric individual with passion for all things creative I have a tendancy to think more outside the box creativley and this method has helped open some oppertunities for me in the past. Creativity has always been a mainstay in my life, I started writing poetry and short stoires as a kid, which in turn has helped me create, breakdown and devise narratives, something that I have always enjoyed incorperating into my work. I turned to art and design as I found it easier to communicate my point across compared to creative writing, whether the message is positive or negative, I always feel I can create something if I am passionate over a subject. My main methods include illustration, and photography but I am always keen to expirement with other materials and am not afraid to leave my comfort zone in order to pursue my message.

Education / Qualifications

09/06/2010 - 06/19/2013

University of the Creative Arts.


BA Hons Graphic Design: Visual Communication. 2:1


Maidstone, Kent.


01/08/2014 - Present

Hugh Christie Technology College



Duties include the leasing and maitinence of equipment such as camera's, tripods and mac laptops and teaching A-Level students the basics of programmes such a photoshop and illustrator as well as giving them constructive feedback on thier practical work.