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London, United Kingdom

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Christopher Godber

Christopher Godber 's Expertise


Fine Art - Painting

Practice based at Second Floor Studio and Arts , South London. Painting expressionit figurative / semi abstract and abstract paintings. 


Electronic Music

I am involved in two music projects one is my solo material and another is a group project

BrokenGod - Solo

 have been producing electronic music since about 2002, and under the BrokenGod moniker for about 3 years.

I aim to crate experimental electronic music influenced by artists such as Autechre, LFO, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher etc. I would describe my music as a strange mix of ambient techno, electronica and dark ambient. It's usually fairly melancholy, sometimes glitchy and always atmospheric and strange.

Naturemagnet - Group

Ben and Chris have been collaborating since June 2013 when they decided to do some improvisation at The Electric Picture House in Congleton.

Chris uses Audiomulch for generating patches as well as sampled sounds. Audiomulch also serves as his live program of choice whereby he canuse the patches he's developed to take a track in a different direction every time. He also sometimes use FL Studio to generate sounds which are then imported into Audiomulch as WAV’s, as well as Audacity for occasional audio editing.

Ben uses – Guitar, Drums, Percussion instruments, Tape Deck etc, often in unconventional or unusual ways.

Becca uses Guitar, Drums, Vocals and live painting/drawing.

With Chris covering the digital side of sound, while Becca and Ben wrestle with the more organic and analogue side, Naturemagnet have it all!