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Asif (Mubarak) Khan

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Work overview

I am an architecture student and a student of life, looking for any experience to get my hands dirty. I can't wait to build the future.

My goals in life have lead me to pursue a career in architecture with a design philosophy I have developed throughout my undergraduate course. I enjoy the way materials connect and attach to one another and always have liked the idea of architecture expressing a combination of the light and the heavy through detail. There is beauty in structure and it can lead to its own form of aesthetics with simple or even complexity of joints. I don’t like to sugar coat what I think architecture is. It is an art as much as it is a science, It can be perceived as art by the person looking at it but must be a science in order to deal with climatic and other real issues that have a significant impact. I work fast independently and adjust my style and pace to the team, I'm not afraid to ask questions and contribute. Nevertheless I always listen to ideas careful not to cloud my judgement. I have always believed you should respect each person for who they are and who they can become regardless of what they do, therefore I do not underestimate anyone contribution. I don't worry about failure in life, but I don't let it become an excuse for not doing any work. If there is a 1% chance I will still put in 100%.

Development Sketches 2
System Facade  shade testing
System Faade Plan 120
System Faade Section Persepctive
The System FacadeOutstanding
Ferrofluid Testing
Aquatic Theatre  Sketches 2
Wind study  Climatic study of Claremont Square Resevoir
Design Philosophy Outstanding
Saint Marys Church Battersea Section
Aquatic Theatre  Location Plan  Plans
Pyramus  Thisbe Concept model
Aquatic Theatre  Diagrammatic ModelOutstanding