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01/02/2013 - 07/26/2013

Ralsey, LFUSA


New York

Whilst at Ralsey I followed three different brands through four seasons working to tight deadlines and thriving on the fast paced nature of the environment. My responsibilities included:

• Swatch and garment design and development, created using a combination of hand drawn sketches and Illustrator software. 
• Embellishment and print design and development, created using Photoshop and full scale layouts. 
• Requesting swatches and yarn from manufacturers, liaising daily with the team in China. 
• Introducing a yarn inventory for available yarns. 
• Technical flat sketches, created using a combination of hand drawn sketches and Illustrator software. 
• Creating full scale layouts for complicated silhouette designs. 
• Creating and requesting tech-packs from manufacturers using a combination of email, post, Excel and later PLM software. 
• Creating detailed monthly market research reports and trend analysis reports. 

• I also took part in an Intern Project which solidified my knowledge of the manufacturing process from beginning to end and granted me an understanding of the sales aspect of the company including costing and branding.


07/02/2012 - 12/21/2012

Hugo Boss


Ticino, Switzerland

During my six month internship with Hugo Boss I joined the BOSS man team through the Autumn and Winter seasons involving myself with every process from inspiration to final product. My responsibilities included:

• Swatch and garment design and development, created using a combination of hand drawn sketches and Kopperman design software with an introduction to Shima Seiki 3D software. 
• Creating all concept, development and costing boards. 
• Ordering lab-dips and yarn from suppliers. 
• Measuring and matching colours using the spectrophotometer instrument and Datacolor software. 
• Technical flats, created using Kopperman Design software. 
• Compiling line sheets and tech-packs for both internal meetings and manufacturers. 
• Quality control, measuring and inspecting all prototypes from manufacturers.
• Uploading technical information to the global system with daily use of SAP, PDM and cockpit software.
• Creating a digital archive of previous season prototypes and swatch development samples.

Education / Qualifications

10/04/2010 - 07/25/2014

Nottingham Trent University


Bachelors Degree in Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles



This comprehensive course gives an overview of the knitwear design process in its entirety from concept development to production. Through completing a series of projects I have developed my knowledge of:

• Knitted technology and fabric development. Use of Domestic, power (Stoll and Sheima Seiki) and Dubied knitting machines and industrial lock stitchers, overlockers and linkers.
• Garment construction. Pattern cutting and Make up processes for both knitted and woven fabrics. 
• CAD skills. Including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and an introduction to M1Plus. 
• Trend research and concept development. 
• Fashion illustration.
• Styling to compliment concept and theme
• Dyeing, Printing and many other textile processes. 

• On the course I was also the treasurer of the fashion show committee, which involved organising and advertising the final catwalk show and fundraising events besides devising and safeguarding the budget.


Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator skills

Advanced Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign skills. 
Advanced Kopperman skills. 


Advanced IT skills

Advanced skills in word processing and excel. Brief knowledge of M1Plus and Shima Seiki software. 


Tech Packs

Creating tech packs with PLM, SAP, PDM, excel and cockpit software for both Hugo Boss and Ralsey.


Sketching and Fashion Illustration

Hand sketching, fashion illustration and technical flat drawings. 


Draping and Creative Pattern Cutting

I have a passion for creating innovative silhouettes through draping on the stand.


Pattern cutting for knitwear

Advanced pattern cutting skills for knitwear and womenswear. 


Hand flat knitting

Advanced knowledge of creative hand flat knitting. Knowledge of domestic, circular, dubied, stoll and shima knitting machines. 


Concept Development

Advanced skills in concept creation and development including advanced skills in trend research and analysis. 
Production of mood and concept boards to display the inspiration behind projects and designs.