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John-Lloyd Quayle

John-Lloyd Quayle


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Teaching young people

Teaching young people photography has been one of the easiest jobs i have done, helping the next generation of creative people is really rewarding and fun. Teaching something which you are passionate about cannot be boring, challenging situations aren't stressful but exciting and being able to pass knowledge on to someone makes your day a lot better. Teaching a balance of technical and theoretic skills is something which i think is very important.


Digital Image handling

includeing, Edit in a non destructive manner in Photoshop, converting analouge photographs into digital files, printing, stiching of panoramics and printing from digital files.


Film Photography

I choose film over digital for almost every situation, I am experienced in 25mm, medium format and large format photography. I also develop the film i use and prepare images from my nefatives and where i can i will print my images using either the traditional RA4 process in my colour dark room or i will scan my negatives using an imacon virtual drum scanner and print them as a digitial C-Type or inkjet.


Colour Printing (Dark Room Wet Print)

Dark Room colour printing from negatives is the best type of printing  possible, hand prints made with an enlarger contain an infinite amount of data.

Billy and Becky from At The Front Series
Red Car At The Front

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