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birmingham, United Kingdom

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rebecca Neil

Work overview

Rebecca is a young British designer and maker based in the heart of the historic Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. She creates luxuriously detailed and intricate pieces of jewellery using the latest CAD technology and jewellery production methods .Her design process is driven by her passion for Britain’s rich cultural heritage. Rebecca has created a variety of vicorian scent capsules using a combination of traditionaland modern techniques including hand fabrication, rapid prototyping, casting and laser welding. Her current collection is a series of precious metal, functional perfume pendants which are inspired by Victorian military fashion; taking elements and patterns from thebeautifully detailed clothing and uniforms. Rebecca’s long term aspiration is to have a fully equipped workshop in the jewelleryquarter and be a internationally renowned designer. Setting up a business in Birmingham would be Incredibly important as she has been brought up in the area and has been continually inspired by the Jewellery Quarters rich and colorful history. She would like to help to reverse the declining trend of new young jewellers moving away from Birmingham to keep the Quarters heritage alive.