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Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom

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Thomas Manning


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Hard working

I can work at a moments notice and work fast. I love to keep myself busy and am bored when I have nothing to do. Working keeps me happy and I'm quite open minded with work that's brought my way (never passing a lot of work up). 


Fluent French

I lived in France for 5 years and can now speak the language with ease. This has helped me with gaining friends and small commissions and jobs in France from people that I've met along the way.


High Photoshop Skill

I am very confident and capable with Photoshop and other Adobe programmes. I have been using them for many years now but still love being wowed with new techniques and ways of creating things.


Spray Painting

I have been spray-painting for many years now and have made a small living off of my work throughout education. It is a passion of mine and I lov nothing more than picking up a can and creating something beautifully colourful.

Double Moon

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Full-Time, Freelance, Commission / One-off