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Bolton, United Kingdom

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Huzaifa Ali

Undergraduate student - Advertising


Simple advertising is beautiful advertising.

As a passionate third year advertising student, I aim to look at the outset in a different way. I like to keep it simple...humourous...colloquial. My ideas root at simplicity, which is the secret to my success. I'm a keen Adobe user: I establish the majority of my work on the software, using it to eloquently communicate my ideas. As a recent recipient of the Silver award at the renowned CCA awards in London, my 'Penny for their thoughts' project was singled out as one of the most ingenious ideas of the night. To me, advertising is a way of contributing to society- capturing and inspiring the intellect by unusual concepts. Volunteering at Ooze Creative Agency earlier this year, my expertise in advertising helped local businesses to build up a better market value.My line of vision is only to success. My love for exploring the phenomenon of nature- varying landscapes and skylines- are often the source of inspiration at the heart of my ideas. The key to my work is that the final piece should be understood by the young as well as the old. Simple is beautiful.

What's Happening

Leica camera
Tempur mattress
Aero bubbles chocolate


Commercial awareness

I keep up to date with business/industry works and what a certain company is doing with its advertising and the approach they are taking with their advertising. From my research I also gather an understanding of what the organisation wants to achieve through its products and services, and how it competes in its marketplace.

Fiat 500 poster



I think of ways to improve on existing material. I come up with new ideas to make advertisments/services more appealing. I am the one who is never satisfied and feel that there's always the one extra step.


Problem Solving

Problems. Everyone has them. Some people solve them.
With a creative mind combined with a can-do attitude, I approach all situations positively, and my enthusiasm is key to my successes. I enjoy analysing situations and seeing how they can be solved in different ways. My problem solving savvy is often integral to tackling challenging situations.



I am a big team player but also have the ability to manage and delegate to others and take on responsibility by myself. I think building positive working relationships is good as it helps everyone achieve their goals and business objectives.


Penny For Their Thoughts

Where from:

CCA LONDON (Angel building)


07/23/2014 - 08/29/2014

Oooze creative agency


Bolton, Blackburn road

Sketching logos

Designing logos (illustrator)

Designing leafleats

Designing posters

Creating ideas with the use of the company logo 



Top firm, without doubt going to get big in the near future. The work that comes out from this firm is pretty special.

Penny For Their Thoughts


I'm a perfectionist in everything.


My photoshop skills are the cream to my cake.


Colour combination pro- use them wisely and effectively.

Dream Job

Creative Director!

Work Availability

Available for

Part-Time, Internship/ Work Experience