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Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Terri NG

Work overview

Every little thing we do can help. Recycling the waste we produce everyday can and will save this over exhausted world. By experimenting with different ways of treating scrap materials, we can recreate and make them into valuables. This collection of work has been achieved by using as much recycled material as possible. From using recycled paper for the artist sketchbook, to the production of each item by using materials such as: saw dust, fashion scraps, and disposal from the workshop space. So how would you see the valuables from the waste? By using materials that are not usually found on the high street, recycled materials bring out the beauty in fashion. This is not just about fashion though, but art, and recycling becomes an art form. It is something more than people wear or use as an accessory. This will be a statement of beauty in art; it could be a revolution, a new challenge, or even a new possibility. The beauty of fashion is not just depending on the look, but how it makes with a world loved heart intention. How it is made with the intention and love of the world? Wood, Resin, Silicon, Scrap materials. There are many possibilities in the process of casting. All the work will be presented in a bold, unique, eccentric way. They will surprise you with the colours and textures. If scrap material is a model, I am the makeup artist. By finding suitable make up for the model, they can be transformed into a brand new character.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ― Pablo Picasso All my work is Recycle; Original; Experimental

Honeycomb Cupcake Sawdust ShoeOutstanding
Galaxy Sawdust CollectionOutstanding
Keungzai Spring Summer 2014 Collection
Jelly RockOutstanding
Wooden Resin Bracelets