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Leeds, United Kingdom

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Amy Loker

Amy Loker

Printed Textile Designer / Fashion / Interior

Work overview

Designs vary from fully digital prints on silk crepes to intricately hand-painted devoré fabrics and dye-sub fringes. Designed for fashion or interiors. The most recent project 'Glimpse' was a photography based project that intended to focus on shifted silhouettes and the control of a fleeting moment. The prints are a delicate interpretation of the world. Beauty can always be highlighted through photography and a perspective can always be warped.

Design is an integral part of my day-to-day living. I have an eye for placement, pattern and colour and an attention to detail. I am a team player who adapts well to new situations but who can also be relied upon to work independently. The delivery of customer excellence at all times is something I pride myself on. I enjoy taking on new roles and responsibilities to push myself. I am adaptable with a strong work ethic and demonstrate flexibility, cooperation and initiative in any role I undertake. I possess good communication, planning and time management skills and am driven to succeed.